Collection Highlight: Edward McKnight Kauffer

Edward McKnight Kauffer was one of the most influential poster artists of the 20th century...Read more

Collection Highlight: Gillian Ayres

Gillian Ayres is considered one of the leading British abstract painters of her generation...Read more

Collection Highlight: Mary Fedden

Mary Fedden always wanted to be a painter. She became the first woman to teach painting at the Royal College of Art...Read more

Collection Highlight: Naina Kanodia

Naina Kanodia is widely regarded as the pioneer of naïve art in India...Read more

Collection Highlight: Reg Cartwright

Reg Cartwright is perhaps best known as the illustrator of 40 books for young readers...Read more

Collection Highlight: Edward Dutkiewicz

Edward Dutkiewicz was renowned for his exuberant use of colour and energetic compositions...Read more

Collection Highlight: Norman Ackroyd

Norman Ackroyd is a British painter and printmaker described as "by far our most adventurous and accomplished etcher"...Read more

Collection Highlight: Dan Hays

Dan Hays is a British painter fascinated by the effects of mechanical reproduction on an image...Read more

Collection Highlight: Julian Trevelyan

Julian Trevelyan was a distinguished artist whose career spanned more than 65 years...Read more

Collection Highlight: Anne Harild

Anne Harild is a Danish artist based in London. She completed a residency with Paintings in Hospitals in 2013...Read more

Collection Highlight: Neeta Madahar

Neeta Madahar is a British artist who specialises in photography. She explores the beauty and drama found in familiar surroundings...Read more