Our trustees are responsible for the overall direction of Paintings in Hospitals. They meet regularly to discuss and decide our strategies and policies. Our trustees work voluntarily to make sure we’re doing the best we can to improve the lives of people in health and social care.

Mr James Prichard

Mr Andrew Hochhauser QC
Vice Chairman

Mr Stephen Crampton-Hayward

Mr Christopher Annus
Dr Mary Black
Mr David Cleaton-Roberts
Ms Lindy Mason
Mr Krishna Omkar
Mr John Porter
Ms Deborah Roslund
Dr Victoria Tischler
Dr Cathy Walsh

Our Board of Trustees has three subcommittees:

  • Finance Committee, which deals with remuneration, audit and HR;

  • Engagement Committee, which advises the Board and Team on ways the charity should engage with a changing health and social care sector, helping us better work with patients, carers, service users, and other like-minded organisations;

  • Development Committee for when we put together our large fundraising events.

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