Our art and activities inspire better health and wellbeing for 2 million people around the UK every year.

We’re working to make sure everyone can access art for better health and wellbeing. Patients and carers need our support more than ever, and demand for our services is growing.

Below is just a snapshot of our work last year alone.

  • 251 loans of art

    We provided support to at least two million people, including patients, service users, carers and the public, through 251 loans of art from our collection.
  • 178 care organisations

    We worked with 178 care organisations, including hospitals, hospices, mental health centres, GP surgeries and SEN schools.
  • 431 people benefiting from our workshops

    Over 400 patients, service users and carers developed their knowledge, skills and confidence through our art activities.
  • 22 new care partners

    We began working with over 20 new care partners, including Maggie’s Centres, HM Prison Winchester, the British Association of Art Therapists and C&C Housing Trust.
  • A major new partnership

    We delivered an innovative project called Works Like People II with renowned national museum the Wallace Collection. We commissioned site-specific artworks for four GP surgeries, pushing the boundaries of what is expected of art in care.
  • A major networking event

    As part of Creativity & Wellbeing Week 2017, we held yet another sold-out networking event: Connect. Jointly hosted with London Arts in Health Forum, over 100 arts in health professionals took part. Connect is now the biggest arts in health networking event in the calendar.
  • A pioneering project

    We delivered Beside the Sea, a touring exhibition of works from the Ingram Collection of Modern British Art. The pilot project was designed to provoke reminiscence for older people in care homes.

Help us achieve even more this year...