Dan Hays is a British painter working and living in London. Dan is fascinated by the effects of mechanical reproduction on an image.

In this work, Spring Snow, Dan examines how a seemingly colourless snow-covered landscape can be represented using both black & white pixels and points of pure, saturated colour.

Dan Hays, Spring Snow, 2009. Part of the Paintings in Hospitals collection.

From a distance, these points merge to form a greyscale image. But close up, the image dissolves into abstract coloured noise.

Dan Hays has exhibited nationally and internationally since graduating from Goldsmiths College in 1990. He won the John Moores Prize for painting in 1997, and his work can be found in many collections such as Tate. He completed a PhD at Kingston University in 2012. Recent group shows include Film in Space at Camden Arts Centre, A Machine Aesthetic at Gallery North, Newcastle, and Seeing Round Corners at Turner Contemporary, Margate.

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