We work with over 170 healthcare and social care organisations in England and Wales. All types of care organisations can borrow from our art collection, and everyone is welcome to participate in our talks, tours and workshops.

We believe that art is for everyone, regardless of a person's condition or location. That is why our collection is the first and only art collection available to be borrowed by any health and social care site in England and Wales.

This includes, but is not limited to: hospitals, hospices, care homes, GP practices, healthy living centres, SEN schools, dental surgeries and mental health facilities.

We reach areas around the country through our regional showcases. These special partner sites showcase large portions of our art collection as examples of good practice. They are also a source of available artworks for other local care organisations to borrow.

We have seven regional showcases across England and Wales: Birmingham, Bristol, Bury St Edmunds, Cardiff, Derby, London and York.

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