The working life of Julian Trevelyan (1910-88) spanned more than 65 years. He was a distinguished artist producing work with broad appeal.

Julian had no formal art training (he read English Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge), before moving to Paris to become an artist in 1931, where he worked alongside artists such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro and Max Ernst.

Julian Trevelyan RA, Penne du Tarn, 1958. Part of the Paintings in Hospitals collection.

Throughout his career, Julian experimented with styles that varied from realism to abstraction. This image of Penne in southern France is impressionistic in style, focusing on colour rather than intricate life-like details.

This work is an early work in our collection. It was accessioned in 1961!

Key facts: We have 15 works by Julian. He was married to Mary Fedden, who is also represented in our collection.

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