As your group builds up a wonderful collection of artworks, you will need to think about how to share your creativity with others. It’s time to transform your care home into a beautiful art gallery, with changing exhibitions and events for everyone to enjoy!


Consider a suitable location for a display area or noticeboard for changing exhibitions.  It should be in a place where residents, staff and visitors will regularly see it - corridors, hallways and communal areas work well.

Think about how to display your artwork. It could be temporarily pinned to a noticeboard or hung more permanently in picture frames by your helpers, once you have agreed where each artwork will look its best.

Easels can be another way of displaying paintings for shorter periods and you can use tables for any sculptures or models you have made.

Include with your display some information about the members of your group, the different types of art you like and who your favourite artists are. You can also create labels for each of the artworks, including the artist’s name and a title (if the artwork has one).

Why not plan a special summer or Christmas exhibition to celebrate your artwork with a private view and refreshments for family and friends. Remember to inform the local paper and your local museum or gallery too. You will also need to decide if your work will be for sale.

You can find more information about planning an exhibition at Art in Care Homes: