One of our favourite aspects of making art is meeting people and having fun! Organise a regular art group to draw, paint and discover new artworks together. You can use a different A-Z activity for each of your sessions and enjoy a group visit together (see V). 


Plan to hold a regular (weekly or monthly) Art Club for anyone interested in taking part. Encourage participants who have no previous art experience - they are often surprised by the passionate artist hiding within! Make your meetings as sociable as possible with plenty of time for talking about the work you create and enjoying some refreshments together.


It can be fun creating large group artworks together. Try the activities C, T, R, P, and E using one single large piece of paper that you can all work on at once. You can also try activity M based on a group memory that you all have, such as a significant world event or a national celebration.

Sticks and Stories workshop at St Michaels Hospice. A Paintings in Hospitals creative activity based on Jill Rocks The Story Stick.


Invite donations of materials through your community newsletter and include information and photographs of your group. See the Handy Art Supplies List for the materials you could use. Arrange somewhere accessible for storing your materials and keeping your finished artwork safe… You will be needing them for your exhibition (see X).

Artist Inspiration: Artists often form friendly groups or ‘collectives’, making artwork on similar themes and exploring styles and subjects together. Find out more about Kuru Art Project, The Camden Town Group, or The Great Bardfield Artists.