Create your own cat artwork using all your favourite colours, inspired by Reg Cartwright...

Reg Cartwright is an award-winning painter and illustrator, whose work has been exhibited around the world. He is perhaps best known as the illustrator of 40 books for young readers.

Worksheet: Reg Cartwright, Cat

A distinctive tabby cat stares out from Reg's Cat print. What do you think it’s looking at? The picture has a plain background and very little colour, but it is still eye-catching. There are lots of small details, such as the strange patterns across the cat’s body. Reg often depicts animals, recreating them in his unique style.

The downloadable worksheet below was created especially to support patients and carers at Risca Surgery, our care partners in Newport. But we would like to offer this activity to everyone here.

Create your own artwork inspired by this Reg Cartwright print by downloading the worksheet, provided in Welsh/English.

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