The I’m Fine Project is designed to improve nurses’ mental health and wellbeing through images, online learning, and a comprehensive learning resource publication.

The I’m Fine Project brings together the statistics on the nursing workforce alongside the stories from the workforce, told through images and accounts of nurses' own experiences. The resource can help us remember, reflect, and recover from our COVID experiences and record these events respectfully and artfully.

The content outlines the context of the current nursing crisis and the opportunities arts offer to address the crisis. The information on workforce issues frames the project in the world of nursing and reflects the challenges being faced. The selected images of nursing reflect the current COVID-19 pandemic experiences and expertise as well as our past. The images have been chosen in consultation with nursing colleagues and in consideration of the global role nurses play in social justice, equity, health, and wellbeing.

We hope that when looking at the images and reading the articles you consider how they could be used in your learning and teaching. We hope that you take an educational approach that builds on strengths and abilities that in turn support nurses' psychological wellbeing.

The learning resource can be downloaded here for free:

The I’m Fine Project is led by Dr Marion Lynch, a nurse with 38 years of experience in clinical care and education, and is supported by the Burdett Trust for Nursing.

As part of the project, a webinar to launch the learning resource on 19th January 2022 saw expert guests discuss and share examples of how approaches to using the arts are helping in supervision and education, mental health support, and the provision of self-care for nurses. 

The webinar was chaired by Sandra Bruce-Gordon FRSA, Director & Chief Executive of Paintings in Hospitals, with guests: Dr Mary E Black, former Board Clinical Director and Head of Health Protection at Public Health Scotland; Joanne Bosanquet MBE, Chief Executive of the Foundation of Nursing Studies (FoNS); Professor Nicky Lambert, Associate Professor at Middlesex University; Joan Pons Laplana, Project Choice Area Manager at Health Education England; Dr Marion Lynch, nurse and Consultant in International Health Systems, Quality Improvement, and Innovation; Nichole McIntosh FRSA, Regional Head of Nursing and Midwifery (London) at Health Education England; and Dr Thirusha Naidu, clinical psychologist and head of unit at King Dinuzulu Hospital Complex.

If you missed the webinar, view a recording of the event here...