From 2009-2013, Val Huet, CEO of the British Association of Art Therapists, worked with us to complete her PhD research into the impact of visual art on work related stress. Her study suggests a positive impact on work-related stress and that art-viewing can support relational processes, expression of emotionality and playfulness, in turn facilitating therapeutic engagement.

In 2015 she published the findings of the study in Art therapy-based groups for work-related stress with staff in health and social care: An exploratory study, an article co-authored with Sue Holttum in The Arts in Psychotherapy.

We continue to work with Val and her research will continue to support the evidence-base for our work. Val said of the collaboration:

“Paintings in Hospitals were an invaluable partner for this research as they provided access to artworks of excellent quality and this, as one of the research findings highlighted, mattered a great deal in terms of engaging participants and their imagination. Working with a Paintings in Hospitals curator, who introduced these artworks, added a significant element to the process, as this too supported engagement and encouraged participation. The overall results in terms of positive impact on work-related stress were encouraging and we are all looking forward to taking this research forward together.”

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