In 2019, the World Health Organization published this report synthesizing the global evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and wellbeing...

The World Health Organisation (WHO) launched its first report on the evidence base for arts and health interventions at the end of 2019. The report references over 900 publications, including 200 reviews covering 3,000+ further studies. The report is the most comprehensive evidence review of arts and health to date. 

Overall, the findings demonstrated that the arts can impact both mental and physical health. Results from the review clustered under two broad themes: prevention and promotion, and management and treatment.

  • within prevention and promotion, findings showed how the arts can:
    • affect the social determinants of health
    • support child development
    • encourage health-promoting behaviours
    • help to prevent ill health
    • support caregiving
  • within management and treatment, findings showed how the arts can:
    • help people experiencing mental illness;
    • support care for people with acute conditions;
    • help to support people with neurodevelopmental and neurological
    • assist with the management of noncommunicable diseases; and
    • support end-of-life care.

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