In June 2012 we ran a week-long video workshop at Whipps Cross University Hospital. Young people attending the hospital school were invited to produce a film in response to animations in our collection over five daily sessions.

Artist Jennie Pedley facilitated the workshops and transformed the hospital school into a shadow theatre.

Over 30 patients aged 4 to 14 years took part in the project and created dozens of colourful shadow puppets and drawings animated in a film that traces their magical journey on a weekday morning.

We commissioned CHEC Ltd consultants to evaluate the impact of the project on the participants. Questionnaires including internationally validated PANAS and VAS health scales were filled in before and after each workshop session.

The results clearly highlight that the workshop helped the participating patients feel better about themselves and improved their sense of wellbeing. More specifically, statistical analysis showed that overall the participants’ wellbeing and levels of positive emotions increased after each session. Small decreases in levels of negative feelings were also recorded.

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