In 2007, the Department of Health and Arts Council England produced a prospectus profiling the benefits of the arts in improving wellbeing, health and healthcare.

‘A Prospectus for Arts and Health’ covers the state of arts and health, the value of arts and health, research and evidence and arts and health in action. It celebrates and promotes the benefits of the arts in improving everyone’s wellbeing, health and healthcare, and their role in supporting those who work in and with the NHS.

The prospectus shows that the arts can, and do, make a major contribution to key health and wider community issues. This publication stems from the recommendations of the Review of Arts and Health Working Group, commissioned by the Department of Health.

Some people might dismiss the arts as simply add-on activities, which have little place in a modern, technically-focused healthcare system. But this is far from being the case, as reflected in this prospectus.

Andy Burnham MP and David Lammy MP, A Prospectus for Arts and Health

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