This month Paintings in Hospitals partnered with TEDxNHS 2019 to introduce art and wellbeing to over 1,000 NHS guests.

Ben, Jess and Thomas from the Paintings in Hospitals team were delighted to join NHS employees from across the country to explore this year's TEDxNHS theme - Beyond Our Component Parts.

TEDxNHS aims to celebrate the NHS and its people - a workforce of over 1.5 million dedicated staff, who work tirelessly and go above and beyond to deliver excellent healthcare. TEDxNHS helps these people share their stories on a national stage to inspire and spark new ideas.

Speaking of inspiration and ideas, Paintings in Hospitals was invited to join the event to introduce art to guests and to find out what people thought and felt about art for health and social care. We spoke to people from NHS care organisations across the country about the benefits of art to health and wellbeing - and received hundreds of fascinating comments about our art on display.

Mesmerising and calming - I would look at it all day!

Comment on Circle Composition by Zarah Hussain. Part of the Paintings in Hospitals collection.

The most popular artwork on display chosen by guests was Zarah Hussain's Circle Composition, 2009. Participants commented that the artwork was both mesmerising and calming, reminiscent of fireworks, the globe, and trips abroad.

Zarah Hussain, Circle Composition, 2009. Part of the Paintings in Hospitals collection. © the artist

We would like to give huge thanks to TEDxNHS for inviting us to take part in this year's event - and to all of the guests who came to speak to us and expressed interest in working with Paintings in Hospitals in the near future.

If you would like to work with Paintings in Hospitals to introduce art into your care environment, don't hesitate to get in touch...