Paintings in Hospitals is delighted to announce our first major collaboration with Four Seasons Health Care Group on a new inclusive digital art project to bring culture and creativity into the daily lives of thousands of care home residents and care staff.  

Launching on Friday 24th September, National Day of Arts in Care Homes, the Beautiful Planet project will provide a range of arts activities to over 160 care homes and communities throughout the UK.

As part of the project, 8,800 residents of Four Seasons Health Care and brighterkind homes will be able to view artworks from the Paintings in Hospitals collection both physically and digitally via screens and tablets. Residents will then have the chance to explore the imagery, techniques and inspirations found in the artworks first-hand through a suite of new engagement activities.

Sticks and Stories workshop at St Michaels Hospice. A Paintings in Hospitals creative activity based on Jill Rocks The Story Stick.

A patient taking part in a Paintings in Hospitals art workshop at St Michaels Hospice Hereford.

Using artworks that investigate the themes of Land, Sea and Sky, each activity is expertly designed by Paintings in Hospitals to offer support for participants’ mental and physical health. This approach supports and complements FSHC Group’s existing Magic Moments programme aimed at providing activities for the mind, body, and soul.

Delivered by 350 Magic Moments coordinators, the Beautiful Planet project will also connect with over 13,000 care staff, and will provide artwork-inspired activities including, collage making, abstract photography, sunlit walks, stargazing, and word association.

Tissa Abeyasinghe, White Elephants. Part of the Paintings in Hospitals collection. Just one of the artworks featured in the Beautiful Planet project.

Tissa Abeyasinghe, White Elephants. Part of the Paintings in Hospitals collection. Just one of the artworks featured in the Beautiful Planet project.

Dominic Harbour, Relationship & Development Manager at Paintings in Hospitals, said:

"Engaging with and creating art is part of what it means to be human, and we have been doing it since prehistoric times. Given the technologies available to us today, we can now be even more inclusive and creative than ever. The Beautiful Planet project allows us to share artworks with nearly 10,000 care home residents nationally, using high-resolution digital images and a range of resources that include audio playlists, wellbeing videos, and live webcams.

Most exciting of all is how the project focuses on individual health and wellbeing through personal creativity, involving anything from keeping a sketchbook or making digital photographs, to enjoying nature or listening to music. We are delighted to be helping Four Seasons and brighterkind residents find support for their health, happiness and wellbeing through these specially-designed activities.”

Activity cards from the Beautiful Planet project. Each displays an artwork with a written guide for a creative activity.

Just some of the Beautiful Planet activity 'recipe cards' inspired by artworks from the Paintings in Hospitals collection and specially-designed for care home residents.

Steve Gardner, Head of Product Development at Four Seasons Health Care Group, said:

“Arts and culture offer a wide variety of opportunities to stimulate a diverse range of interests, has many benefits for health and wellbeing and has always been an important feature in our Magic Moments activities programme. Art has a wonderful way of evoking special memories and making us reflect in a way that’s personal to everyone. The range of activities associated with the project aren’t restricted to creating art, but do guarantee creativity, thoughtful discussion and good times.”

Dominic Harbour, our Relationship & Development Manager, spoke about this project as part of the NAPA panel discussion on how to embed arts, creativity and cultural participation into care provision. If you missed it, you can watch it here!