At Paintings in Hospitals, we believe art makes lives better and we use our art collection to inspire health and wellbeing, in healthcare and community spaces.  We are a small charity making a big impact upon the health of the nation by loaning artworks from our collection of 3,600+ pieces, providing creative workshops, and enabling artistic engagement, for everyone.

We are now working with a carefully curated selection of Auction Houses to raise funds from the sale of deaccessioned artworks from our collection. Having been established for almost 65 years, we hold our collection up to the closest scrutiny in terms of the purpose of the artworks we store, how we conserve them, where we display them, what we do with them, and always ensuring the collection is fit for our charitable purpose – to promote health and wellbeing.

Autumn Fruit, Charles Jamieson is part of the artworks available for bid on The Auction Collective.

Through the lens of our charitable cause, we will at times deaccession artworks that are no longer fit for purpose, in line with our Collections Policy. Therefore, we are delighted to have partnered with a small group of auction houses, to make deaccessioned artworks available for sale, with all proceeds being reinvested into the operational running of the charity. This is a wonderful opportunity for collectors, long established or newly found, to acquire incredible artworks and of course, we are happy to know these artworks will continue to inspire health and happiness, in new homes. 

To begin the auction programme, we are working with the Auction Collective to offer exclusive pieces from our collection. Other forthcoming auctions and sales forums include the Surrey Art Fair on 22nd - 24th September, and soon to follow, auctions at Bonhams and Roseberys. Our social media posts will keep you updated so do give us a follow if you don't already. 

Utilising our collection for the best public health impact, means it’s imperative for us to keep the collection revitalised as this enables us to continue transforming wellbeing for people who previously might not have had the opportunity to benefit from art.  Every penny from sales will go to the charity to ensure that it continues to positively impact the lives of patients, carers, the socially isolated and communities across the country. 

We hope you will enjoy this amazing opportunity to purchase a one-off piece of art, to start or add to your art collection, to buy a gift for a loved one, and to support our mission to bring health and wellbeing to all – through art.