In support of Paintings in Hospitals, much-loved and revered artist Anita Klein has created a specially designed artwork for our charity.

Anita Klein exhibits her paintings and prints regularly with Eames Fine Art London and has her work in public collections including the British Museum, V&A museum and Arts Council England.

Women on the Beach is a beautiful story and a reflection upon those special moments in life that make memories.

We asked Anita:

What inspired you to paint Women on the Beach?

Women on the Beach is based on a memory of being with my two daughters on the beach on a recent family holiday. 

Do your paintings come from personal reflections or experiences?

All my work comes from my personal experiences and sometimes fantasies and dreams. I never use models, photographs or mirrors for visual reference, preferring to try to paint how things feel rather than what they look like. I’m trying to express and celebrate the ordinary moments that give our lives meaning. Although I am usually in my pictures, I don’t expect people to think they’re of me and my family. I hope to express experiences that people can see their own lives in. 

Do you have particular people in mind when you paint?

It’s always me and my family, but I hope that people who live with my pictures will see themselves not me.

You have been a wonderful supporter of Paintings in Hospitals. Why do you think art is important for our health?

I think it’s only when our health, or the health of those close to us is under threat that we really value our ordinary mundane lives. We realise how precious things are when they are taken or threatened even temporarily. Art can remind us of how beautiful life is at these times and also provide solace by showing us that we are not alone in our emotions. Stuck in a hospital, art can be our only connection to the life we’ve left behind and can be a powerful connection to the beauty of the world and our relationships with other people. 

Buy one of 30 exclusive prints of Women on the Beach

We have 30 limited-edition (unframed) prints measuring 72 by 75 centimetres on sale for £900 plus VAT (£1,080). They are offered on a strictly first come first served basis, with all proceeds going to Paintings in Hospitals in aid of our charitable purpose; to inspire better health and wellbeing through art and creativity.

Should you wish to buy a print please email [email protected] and we will put one aside for you. Payment can be made by BACS and the print either collected from our base in Earlsfield, or we can arrange a delivery method for you.  

Every year our art collection and creative activities bring much-needed comfort, respite, and joy to two million patients and carers. However, we do not receive any central government or NHS funding and so it is only with the support of generous individuals like you that we can continue to make a difference.  By selling three prints we will cover one month’s cost of looking after our collection to ensure that we safeguard it for the future, allowing more people to benefit from it. We will be incredibly grateful if you can support us by buying a print. 

To find out more about us, including footage showcasing Anita Klein, please see: Power of a Painting Film