With 70 daily articles (and 30,000 words) all about how art improves mental, physical and social health, our countdown to the NHS 70th birthday came to an end.

We covered a huge range of topics from how art can help relieve our pain, to how it can help us recover from a stroke.

Seven decades after the NHS began, our staff team from across the country gathered in London to celebrate the history of our great health service.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to those who have supported our countdown: the people who viewed our posts 380,000 times, and the 11,000 likes and shares across Twitter and Instagram.

Wishing the NHS a very happy 70th birthday! From all the Paintings in Hospitals staff team from across the country. (05 July 2018)

It’s wonderful to know that so many people are interested and believe in the power of art to improve all our lives.

The ’70 Ways Art Improves Our Health’ articles will remain online for some time. We encourage anyone who wants to make a strong case for the introduction of art into their care site (or anywhere) to use them as a source of evidence.

If you’d like our help to strengthen your case, we’re happy to advise. Contact us here.

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