We're celebrating 70 years of the NHS with a daily social media countdown of 70 ways art inspires better health and wellbeing for us all!

Our Twitter and Instagram countdown will begin on 27 April 2018. We'll be highlighting the contribution arts have made to the nation’s mental, physical and social health over the past 70 years and hoping to inspire more care providers to harness the healing power of art today.

The countdown consists of daily posts numbered 70–1, ending on the NHS' 70th Birthday (05 July 2018). The posts feature quotes, facts, research, history and images from a range of sources and organisations working in the arts & health field. We would also love other users to share their own stories of great arts in health experiences and projects.

The ’70 Ways…’ campaign precedes our own milestone anniversary in 2019, when Paintings in Hospitals will celebrate 60 years of pioneering art to inspire better health and wellbeing.

Ben Pearce, Director of Paintings in Hospitals, explained why the campaign is so important:

We’re so excited to begin this campaign. It’s vital that more people are aware of the enormous contribution art has made and can make to the NHS and to the nation’s health. We believe that by sharing some of the information and experience we’ve gathered over Paintings in Hospitals’ 59-year history, we can inspire other arts and health organisations - their patients, service users, and staff - to share their stories too. The effect of this could change how arts and health is viewed.

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