The Visible Light and Colour

Light and colour have inspired and intrigued artists, scientist, writers and philosophers, for centuries. This exhibition helps us to see the relativity of our colour and light perception.Read more

National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers

The National Society was formed in 1930 to meet a growing desire among artists of every creed and outlook for an annual exhibition in London, which would embrace all aspects of art under one roof, without prejudice or favour to anyone. Read more

As We Are

As painters Niki and Rupert share a common sensibility in enabling process to define image and complex content. They explore the ‘wishes of paint’ as a subtle numinous medium, using intuition in tension with intention to inform the creative decision making.Read more

Zeynep Gorgun

The exhibition will showcase pattern and design in a new collection of wallpaper designs inspired by the movement and shape of fungi. Read more

Continuum 2

This unique collaboration of MA and PhD alumni, artists-in-residence, curators and expert teachers and speakers challenges its members to develop their work to the highest professional level, exploring and pushing the boundaries of their practice and presenting it for public scrutiny, exhibition and sale. Read more

Art Gemini Prize 2018

ArtGeminiPrize 2018 Finalists' Exhibition at the Menier Gallery featuring over 30 shortlisted works for sale. Read more

Capturing The Moment

CAPTURING THE MOMENT will feature more than 200 original paintings by 27 contemporary British artists, working in a wide range of locations from wide, open beaches to the urban landscapes of the city. Read more