Five additional artworks from the Paintings in Hospitals collection have been loaned to St Michael’s Hospice as part of an installation that aims to support the health and wellbeing of visitors and staff. 

The wonderfully dedicated nursing staff at St Michael’s Hospice in Hereford have chosen five more fantastic artworks from our collection for their Nursing Hub and Day Services. This new installation joins twenty-six existing artworks that were chosen collaboratively by staff and patients from our collection four years ago.  

A staff member at St Michael's Hospice standing in front of Anita Klein's 'Watching Holby City with Leila' which is part of the Paintings in Hospitals collection.

The artworks on display include pieces by the renowned artist Anita Klein whose work struck a chord with the staff due to its thematic resonance with family bonds and personal care. Anita expressed her delight, saying, "It is wonderful that St Michael’s have embraced my artwork so warmly. I think the three chosen artworks make a very meaningful display, telling a story of how family love and care often builds a foundation for a career in nursing.” 

Alongside Anita Klein’s artworks, a large and striking piece by Sylvia Guirey has been added to the main staircase in the hospice, complementing two existing works by the same artist already in place. Additionally, a tranquil woodland oil painting by Wilf Lancaster now graces the entrance to the Hospice’s Day Services.

A staff member at St Michael's Hospice photographed on the stairwell admiring one of the Sylvia Guirey pieces that is on loan.

Nichola Proctor, the Hospice’s Head of Patient Services, expressed her enthusiasm: 

The new artworks have provided a vibrant welcome to St Michael’s for staff, patients, and volunteers. The fact they are linked to nursing and patient care is particularly poignant, and I’m sure they will bring joy to all those who view them.

These new artworks will be on display until September 2026 and the installation is a testament to the ongoing partnership between Paintings in Hospitals and St Michael’s Hospice. The artworks have already been a source of delight for staff, and we hope they will continue to offer inspiration and comfort to all who visit the site.

Display of artwork, including Anita Klein, at St Michael's Hospice, Hereford.

At Paintings in Hospitals, we are committed to making art accessible to everyone and using our collection in creative displays and activities to promote health and wellbeing in spaces across the UK. If you would like to support our charity, you can donate here. Alternatively, if you are moved by Anita Klein’s work, we currently have a special limited edition print by Anita Klein for which the proceeds from sales help support our work and partnerships with organisations like St Michael’s Hospice – find out more here. Join us if you believe as we do that ‘Art Makes Lives Better’.