Paintings in Hospitals is thrilled to be featured on Arts Council England’s website as an example of ‘the importance of creativity and culture for people’s health and wellbeing' as part of their new Creative Health and Wellbeing plan. 

Arts Council England has put together an extensive health and wellbeing plan which outlines how they intend to work with health and social care and promote collaboration between organisations and practitioners in the creative and health sectors.  

Their Let’s Create 2020-2030 strategy sets out their vision to transform the country with culture and creativity, using creative health to position creativity at the heart of people’s lives; to support communities and form connections; and enhance global partnerships between our country’s creative and cultural and health and wellbeing sectors.  

Arts Council England also outlined their strategy for working with the NHS. Social prescribing, which involves health professionals referring patients to support in the community, is a key priority for the NHS’s long-term plan. At Paintings in Hospitals, we work with link workers within Social Prescribing to connect with people in communities who might benefit from art-focused activities to support their health.  

Find out more about Arts Council England’s Creative Health and Wellbeing plan here: Creative Health & Wellbeing: Case studies | Arts Council England