Number 70 in our countdown of '70 Ways Art Improves Our Health' highlights how art is the perfect excuse to break from a sedentary lifestyle...

Being inactive (not moving around enough) can be very damaging to our health. Studies have found that the more time we spend being still, the more likely we are to develop diabetes, heart disease and other life-shortening conditions. Many working people in Britain spend nine hours each day at their desk, on a commuter train, and in meetings.

Street art in London

In 2010, a Department of Health paper suggested we should move around every 30 minutes. It doesn't have to be sweaty exercise but still...that’s a lot of activity! And it can be tough to find excuses to get moving.

Art is a great reason to get more active, while also learning a little and having some fun! Whether it’s street art, landscape art, or art in our office, it’s there to inspire us – why not take a closer look?

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Many galleries, museums and art organisations now know about the benefits of staying active. Beyond your average museum tour, there are also hundreds of brilliant guided and self-guided art walks across the UK, both in cities and the countryside. There are some offered by local councils. And there’s even a TV series about them.

A Paintings in Hospitals art walk

Just 20-30 minutes of movement each day can help improve our mood and cut our risk of developing certain diseases.

At Paintings in Hospitals, we know that not everyone is able to get out and about, due to disability or illness. We also know that some of our NHS colleagues find it very difficult to get away from their desks. That’s why, when a care site borrows artworks from our collection, we can offer on-site activities to patients, care staff and visitors!

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Note: This article was published on 27/04/2018.