Jasmeet Sembi Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. I’m raising money for Paintings in Hospitals because I truly understand how Art can help make a difference to peoples lives.
Art has become an outlet in so many forms to help everyone from different ages, backgrounds, cultures, emotional health, well being and much more. As a teacher of Art for over 8 years, I realised through teaching the subject triggered many paths anddifferent areas of student life and well being. Within my career and subject area students have always been inspired, motivated and encouraged to use Art as an outlet, to explore creativity, speak the unspeakable through their own expression, with or without words, just colour, and exploring their emotion and depth. This can also be done in hospitals, by supporting Paintings in Hospitals we can help support underlying issues allowing patients to express themselves, help them live healthier lives mentally and emotionally, support them and help patients cope better.

It’s a great cause, and your donation will help them achieve even more. Donating is easy, quick and secure.

Please share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter – and elsewhere – so I can reach my target and together we can help Paintings in Hospitals do more. Thank you! Jasmeet Sembi