‘Worlds Beyond Words’ will show an eclectic mix of contemporary original paintings, illustrations and sculptures. 

A group exhibition featuring 15 established and emerging artists from London, Brighton, Kent, Cornwall, Hastings, and Lisbon.

With multi-award winning Piteira’s big scale portraits taking us on a journey into the emotional and spiritual lives of communities that are slowly disappearing, Armitage’s bold, abstract, organic forms, and Chinnery’s expressive, colourful abstracts, the exhibition will take us to worlds that are beyond words.

Exhibiting artists: Carolina Piteira, Catharine Armitage, Simon Chinnery, Sandy Dooley, Cecil Rice, Beatriz Uva, Tamsin Pearson, Emma Elliott, Kym Haverson, Lesley Beaupré, Emma Haines, Lindsey Light, and others soon to be confirmed.  

Curated by Ad Lib Events, and in support of The St Jude Foundation

For more information please visit: www.adlibsite.com

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