British artist Tom Ellis takes over the Menier Gallery from 22 February - 03 March 2018.

Tom Ellis first worked with Paintings in Hospitals in 2016 as part of his exhibition The Middle at the Wallace Collection. Creating a parallel to the complexities of exhibiting within such an iconic historic institution, Works Like People II squeezed four vast, faded, Guernica-like paintings into the confined and utilitarian spaces of four GP surgeries across London.

For this exhibition, Ellis has transformed the usually open-plan spaces of the Ground Floor Gallery into an improvised, undulating and disorientating simulacrum of a contemporary white cube space. Into this makeshift, fabric space, Ellis has then placed paintings, some edited with marker pen, that also seem to approach their straightforwardly contemporary status with a similarly sceptical sense of ambivalence.

As if to further undermine the normal certainties of gallery, neutral display wall and the venerated art object, Ellis has then proceeded to intersperse his paintings with prints that have arbitrarily applied patches of high resolution amid otherwise visibly pixelated renderings of the original paintings – what he refers to as 'high-and-low-quality prints'.

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