High-quality modern portraits, intensely colourful still lifes and attractive landscapes all feature in this year’s World’s End Group show. 

This is the third joint show by the eight artists in the group who all trained in portraiture some years ago at the Heatherley School of Fine Art in Chelsea. Each of the group’s artists has developed a powerful individual style which together encompass an extraordinary range of disciplines. So visitors to the exhibition will find modern portraits and still lifes beautifully rendered in classical style, as well as paintings with more impressionistic interpretations of their subject and others, with a variety of motifs, that focus on mood, atmosphere and psychological expression.

In recent years the World’s End Group as a whole has focussed on technical excellence and expanding its creative range for both commissions and public shows. The result as you will see is vibrant, enjoyable and diverse work, in different formats and at affordable prices.

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