Rosie Barker; Abigail Downer; Iina Heiskanen and Lucie Winterson.

Thames Narratives, an intriguing exhibition from four visual artists inspired by the River Thames, gives new perspectives on time and tide, ecology, memory and history 

Each artist has a different focus and response to the river. Inspiration comes from river path and foreshore walks, from viewing a collection of finds, from the dynamics of the flow and continuous changes of current in the tidal water as it is channelled through the Pool of London and from the City Thames where human and beyond human nature interact. Some works connect to actual places, others are disconnected.

Artists work in different media which adds to the show’s variety.  Viewers will find print, drawing, painting, mixed media and sculptural assemblage

This exhibition is part of TotallyThames 2019.

Image credit: Abigail Downer.

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