An exhibition of Painting, Prints, Drawing and Sculpture by Rebecca Swainston MA

These thought provoking and expressive works, by an artist known for producing challenging and powerful images, explore the human psyche, the secrets, thoughts and actions we selectively reveal and conceal.

A life time interest and research into the interaction of clothing and textiles with our self-perception, our own as well as other cultures, are central themes. These ideas inform the richly textured and colour filled surfaces and have become a metaphor for the human psyche. Strong figures dominate and make their presence known to examine our understanding of and place in, the physical and natural world. Lusciously painted animal forms inhabit the space, exposing and animating our human qualities, revealing us as we are and unlocking the elusive psychological aspects of the work.

Emotionally and visually intense, with a fascinating narrative, Rebecca’s intricate, many layered surfaces draw the eye and seduce the viewer, rewarding repeated viewing and leaving a lasting impression.