Exploration is the central theme of Wendy Brooke-Smith's third major solo exhibition of paintings and drawings.

All the works explore new territory for the artist, whether from personal travels and walking, or a newly accessible view of her favourite subject, the Thames. As well as her trademark urban landscapes, this wide ranging show includes paintings of France, New Zealand and the ancient route of the Ridgeway.

The London paintings bear witness to the chaotic transience of the city's jostling skyline, whereas Brooke-Smith's striking mountainscapes and earthy Ridgeway works remind us of the essential permanence and continuity of the landscape beneath our feet: a reassuring counterbalance to our shrill and shifting times.

Wendy Brooke-Smith summarises: "All landscape can be seen as a metaphor for our ideas and emotions. As an artist - and an optimist - I recognise the importance of innovation and renewal, while daring to hope that the most important things in life will stand their ground".

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