Stephen King has been painting mountains in Langtang Valley since his first visit in 1992.

Last Spring, he staged an exhibition of his paintings at the Nepalese Embassy in London, as a part of the bicentennial celebrations of relations between Nepal and the UK.

The Exhibition concentrated on the sublime landscapes in the airless upper reaches of the valley. In painting the ice and rock formations he subconsciously projected his experience of painting the human form onto the mountain images. For example, the painting "Gangchempo Peaks" became a depiction of the suffering of the people of Langtang who had been torn up by the Landslide of 2015.

Sadly, the exhibition was cut short by the terror attack on Westminster Bridge, which caused the Embassy to be closed to the public.

"I found Gangchempo difficult to paint in its entirety. It was just too perfect. But this perfection hid a secret. Whilst drawing it last October I suddenly noticed a face and torso peering over the sharp peaks on the mountains southern flank. This seemed not to be a projection of my subconscious. Given that at my advanced age I am permanently out of my head on Statins and Thyroxine, I felt that I should check this with a local inhabitant of Kyanjin Gomba. At first they couldn’t see it, but when I photographed it and zoomed in on the face it became clear to them. The figure had been hidden in plain sight by the awesome beauty of the adjacent mountain."

Was it carved by extremely tough and agile people, or by natural processes, or even by visiting aliens? Who knows, or even cares? The fact remains that the figure stares impassively down the valley towards the rest of the world.

"The features of the figure are distinctively those of a Langtang person. They uncannily resemble those of my friend Chimay Lama, who is the local Michael Jackson impersonator! Western culture has a way of ambushing the unsuspecting traveller in the most extraordinary ways!"