‘Liberation Through Nature’ is the first solo exhibition of London based artist, Christina.

Bringing together a selection of new and older work, the exhibition focusses on the dialogue between human and nature, and the benefits it can bring to our mental and physical wellbeing. Christina’s practice aims to stimulate the viewer’s awareness of their environment, specifically their engagement with nature. Through her painting, she shares her own experience of liberation through nature. This offers her escapism, peace and solitude, in contrast to the chaos and complexity life can bring.

The work displayed in the exhibition combines realistic, enhanced and imaginary elements, using bold, amplified colours and divergent tonal values. In certain works, silhouettes of anonymous and isolated figures are depicted facing away from the viewer, generating mystery and curiosity. The figures are stripped of identity and personality to direct the viewer’s focus firmly on the figure’s relationship with its surroundings.

For more information please visit; www.christinaartist.com 

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Booking for this event has now closed.