A new group of London artists is embracing difference and togetherness in the city. I Know What You Did Last Summer is the first show by the artists since they met only a few months ago.

Join the artists as they begin their collaboration. The new group show at the Menier Gallery highlights how in this age of opinionated division, coming together rather than separating can make things much more interesting.

The show’s focus ranges from pre-linguistic to static mist, cityscapes to ecology, change to repetition and interaction to existence. All take place in one space. Just as many and varied thoughts take place in the city at any moment,

Working in sculpture, painting, drawing, installation, digital art, sound and photography, I Know What You Did Last Summer invokes the multi-sensory society which city dwellers thrive on.

An international coming together from the UK, Japan, USA and Brazil. The new group met on a Summer course at the Slade Institute UCL last Summer. They question what happens when you meet Others in the city who inspire you enough to join together.

Participating Artists: Nicola Suckling, Mr Mr Pearce, Simone Radclyffe, James Bush, Marcus Warry, Shirley Renwick, Patrick Jones, Al Clark, Kaori Jones, Malu, Liz Noble, Felix Sinclair

For more information, visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/412191279552450

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