The artists in this exhibition represent a wide variety of styles and impulses, but all use the painted surface as a platform, map, or metaphoric screen.

Their work engages with painting’s traditions, testing strategies like appropriation, subjectivity, and spiritual transcendence. In this respect, the exhibition reveals some of the different relationships that exist between contemporary practice and more traditional approaches to painting.

Jenni Hodgson creates paintings that explore possibilities of an abstracted space: the paintings emerge through a succession of intuitive yet complex decisions guided by internal logic of each composition that is initiated from the first mark.

Virginia Waterhouse uses vibrant colours and abstracted images to evoke memories and dreams of landscape, poetry and music.

Neda Dana-Haeri is inspired by Persian poetry and Eastern philosophy. She creates layers of colours and textures which reflect and refract the mythological, philosophical, and emotional worlds of poets.

Sarah Knight explores the overlooked and discarded found in the cities we inhabit to expose the fragility of human endeavour against the power of time and nature.

Subtle overlaps and affinities that can be drawn out of the varied work of these four artists offer a range of answers to the proposition of what painting might mean now.

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