An intriguing range of responses to the theme of “Fairytales and Other Stories” by the Rookery Artist’s Collective.

Childhood memories have influenced much of the work; the variety of experiences mirroring the diversity of artists included. Amongst these are tales of Anansi Tori, the crafty spider (from stories originating in West Africa, spread through slavery and handed down orally by the Maroons of Suriname) through the Mahabarata and Irish Folk tales, to the aesthetic of LadyBird books.  

Some have been inspired by specific characters such as the Princess in her ivory tower, surrounded by luxury, but none the less imprisoned in an empty interior. Others have investigated more general themes, including metamorphosis and the human forms found within nature.

Imagery evoked in the mind's eye has also provided a starting point, as has the darker side of fairytales: stories that are now considered to be for children but did not start out as such.

As part of this exhibition, there will be a number of interactive events, including storytelling and group story writing.

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