exemption :- the action of freeing or state of being free from an obligation or liability imposed on others.

There are four basic Human issues – Mortality, Isolation, Meaningless, Freedom so speaks Dr Irvin D. Yalom, Psychoanalyst and Philosopher. The struggles of existence are fear of death, the drive towards freedom, and the desire to avoid isolation.

So how does one free oneself from obligation but still exist? If the individual is entirely responsible for his/her own world, life design, choices and actions, “Freedom” in this sense has a terrifying implication. It means that beneath us there is no ground – nothing, a void, an abyss, the absence of external structure.

To experience existence in this manner is a dizzying sensation. Nothing is as seemed. The very ground beneath one seems to open up – the anxiety of groundlessness can cut deeper than the anxiety of death.

Freedom would be the direct opposite of death, with its absence of structure. Therefore as humans how do we deal without the given need for restraints along with our drive for freedom?

There is a human presence in Hartley’s painting and drawings. She often uses symbols, trees, and chiaroscuro in the work which represent to her a safe place, allowing the viewer to look for what is essential.

Her work is full of feeling and subjective distance, expressed through clear, emphatic and atmospheric compositions that she shares and expresses with the viewer.

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