A free exhibition, showcasing work by emerging artists, designers and makers as they conclude their year of intensive creative study on the City Lit Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.

From drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics, to textiles, animation, illustration and digital installation, the show will present an array of contemporary work that reflects each exhibitor’s individual interests, passions and creative concerns

Featuring work by:

Nawaf Al Khalifa, Massoud Aref, Jill Bailey, Sheila Blankfield, Georgie Carss, Keith Clapson, Morag Cleland, Patrick Cosgrove, Gemma Crofts, Mary Davies, Mario De Napoli, Alessia Ganzerla, Alex Hegazy, Michael Hinchcliffe, Jane Hutchins, Susan Jupp, Georgina Kalayjian, Teresa Kiely, Kaja Kusak, Nicola McEvoy, Wendy Newman, Stuart Norfolk, Louis Odiwe, Misaele Padovese, Maria Paton-Martinez, Greta Pistaceci, Ella Pitts-Payne, Rebecca Pyne, Gemma Rolfe, Clare Ruck, Diana Saavedra, Margaret Simpson, Saskia Shuker, Ugne Smetonaite, Noah Smith, Nina Strazzanti, Irina Uzzell, Anna Wenneker.