Over 200 paintings for sale by 27 artists including Ken Howard RA, Fred Cuming RA, David Curtis ROI RSMA and TV’s Adebanji Alade ROI.

Capturing the Moment will be the first major exhibition of today’s foremost contemporary British artists working ‘en plein air’, or painting outside, often in adverse weather, each one striving to capture the essence of their surroundings with freshness and passion.

Capturing the Moment will feature more than 200 original paintings by 27 contemporary British artists, working in a wide range of locations from wide, open beaches to the urban landscapes of the city. Each painting featured will have its origins based outside; some will have been finished on site and some finished in the studio. Every painting strives to capture the essence of the landscape in which it is based. It is the first exhibition by the newly formed collective British Plein Air and promises to be one the most exciting exhibitions to be held in 2018.

All work will be for sale during the show and will also be available online a few days before the start of the exhibition. 

For more information visit: www.britishpleinairpainters.co.uk

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