What is a BrOther? A person you are related to, sometimes a role model or at times someone to compete with, a close friend or a kinship. It can refer to a member of the same race, fraternity, religion or organisation.

What issues germinate between brothers? Sibling rivalry is part of growing up but does this at times lead to resentment and growing apart.

Brothers in arms is an iconic concept and raises questions about the nature and effects of friendship when working in dangerous or difficult situations, in combat and in peace, in activism and co-operation.  

The term ‘’bromance‘’ entered the dictionary in 2011 and is defined as ‘’ a close, non-sexual friendship between men ‘’. How does this ‘’ shoulder to shoulder ‘’ friendship work in today’s society?

Additionally, there are those who are ‘other’: considered outside the hetero-normative cis-gendered society but are siblings living within it, relating to it.

Androtechne is a London based group of male artists who have explored the wide parameters of this title producing a range of often both emotional and highly personal responses, reflecting the artists backgrounds and life experiences.

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