Painting and drawing by Royal Academy Alumni:

Niki Holmes and Rupert Record.

Lyrical works exploring human introspection on identity and landscape. As painters Niki and Rupert share a common sensibility in enabling process to define image and complex content. They explore the ‘wishes of paint’ as a subtle numinous medium, using intuition in tension with intention to inform the creative decision making.

Rupert uses glazing and luminous colour, reminiscent of stained glass to reflect emotion and uniqueness within each figure or composition. His work explores a personal symbolism, visualising his perspectives on evolving masculinities.

His current work he returns to visualising Aram Khachaturian’s ballet ‘Spartacus’ and portraits of Greek heroes diffusing and subverting the themes of greed, hate and violence, with his seductive handling of layers of paint and imagery that stir and transfigure the individual’s internal pain to investigate ‘the triumph of spirit over oppression’.

Niki uses mineral and jewel-like pigments in interacting layers of paint as a physical and an emotive model of landscape. She evokes the tensions between natural processes and those of human action (cultural reverence, exploration and exploitation) that shape landscape and our relationship to it, to form a sense of place.

In her most recent works, the ambiguous and contradictory relationships people have with nature has become her focus, together with how the trappings of contemporary life mediate experience, attachment and valuing of an environment. For we see the world not as it is but as we are.

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