Nick Martin Retrospective

“I will never quite come to terms with the profusion and the mute impenetrability of material things. There are always unfamiliar objects to see, while familiar objects retain their mystery and beauty.” 

Nick Martin 2009

Many of the works included in this posthumous exhibition reflect Nick’s fascination with the appearance of everyday objects. He described the painting as, “an object of a certain size and shape, placed on a wall in a particular position, made of various materials, with a third dimension.”

Some of the work here illustrates another passion – Nick’s interest in what he termed, “the visual language of zoological museums and natural history books”, which “could be utilised for philosophical and aesthetic purposes.”  This language also allowed him to incorporate humour and absurdity “because it had a surface appearance of truth.”

Nick made art for 42 years, using a variety of materials. Sometimes his pictures were part of a series: space constraints mean that just a few examples from each series are included here. This show can only give an idea of the range of Nick’s work.

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