#ToyLikeMe is an arts and play based not-for-profit created in 2015 to draw attention to the lack of toys representing differently-abled children.

In this artwork the ballerina has a pink prosthetic leg, in others dolls and superheroes are shown with diabetic lines, limb differences, and tracheal implants.

#ToyLikeMe/Beth Moseley Photography, Toy Box Tales One, 2016.

Journalist Rebecca Atkinson started adapting popular toys using modelling techniques. She then partnered with model maker Kate Read and Beth Moseley Photography to create this series of photographs with funding from Arts Council England.

The photographs became popular through social media and were shared on news outlets around the world. This series of images allows differently-abled children to see themselves represented in their toys. It’s even possible to purchase differently-abled toys through the #ToyLikeMe website.

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