Art in healthcare is proven to reduce levels of sickness, anxiety and stress.

By donating now you can help us bring art, colour and inspiration to patients, their families and their carers.

Last year we encouraged and empowered nearly two million people in care sites through our art programmes. We want to support and inspire even more patients, carers and their families this year. And it all starts with you.

A picture in A&E takes me to a different place. I thought you should know that your work not only helps the ill get better, it helps the well stay well.

Police officer, Glan Clwyd Hospital

We depend entirely on donations. Every £ makes a difference.

  • £10 buys the materials for an art activity to support patients and nurses
  • £50 sponsors an artwork for a care site
  • £500 funds the display of five artworks in a patient-curated exhibition
  • £1000 sponsors a care site to have art displays and creative activities for a year!

Please help us make a difference by donating now. Or, you can ask your friends, family or followers to fundraise for us.

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