"What you do is such a great idea. I have to come and visit this hospital often. I take time to look at the artworks. It helps take my mind off things"

West Suffolk Hospital

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We do not receive funding from the government and so we rely on the generosity of others to continue our work.

There are a number of ways in which you can help us support the lives of patients, staff and visitors in health and social care facilities across the UK. You may wish to become a regular supporter - click the links on your left to find out more – or you can make a single gift today.

    • £1000+ would enable us to purchase an original artwork and help us maintain the strength of our collection
    • £500 would subsidise a loan of artworks to a GP surgery for two years, benefitting a minimum of 35,000 patients
    • £250 would contribute to the cost of framing or conserving an artwork, helping us to continue covering this on behalf of health and social care providers
    • £100 would subsidise the loan of one artwork for one year, which would be enjoyed by up to 10,000 people
    • £50 would enable us to provide text labels to accompany our artworks, giving patients, families and staff the opportunity to engage with them

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Video credits: Produced and directed by Deborah Roslund. Filmed and edited by Lee Mellows.