We collaborated with Hayward Touring to bring the works of Michael Craig-Martin to patients and staff in London and Buckinghamshire.


Paintings in Hospitals and Hayward Touring have collaborated to bring world-class art to the patients and staff of Vassall Medical Centre, London, and now the National Spinal Injuries Centre, Buckinghamshire.

Michael Craig-Martin is one of the most important British artists of recent times. As tutor at Goldsmith’s College between 1974-1988, he had a significant influence on the Young British Artists.

In this series, Alphabet, Craig-Martin has produced 26 screenprints in which everyday objects, such as a book, a glass of water or an umbrella, are superimposed on the letters of the alphabet. Created in his signature style, these bold images are placed on a background of vibrant colour.

The Alphabet series is a play on the idea of the children’s ABC book. Rather than a straightforward 'A is for Apple' or 'B is for Ball', the connection between the letter and image is not immediately clear and may require a little guess work.

This project has also featured staff and patient engagement tours and workshops, in addition to a free family art activity open to the general public.