We brought world-class art to the National Spinal Injuries Centre

Image: Michael Craig-Martin, ‘L’, ‘M’, ‘N’, 2007.

by Thomas Walshaw

We've collaborated with the wonderful Hayward Touring to bring world-class artist Michael Craig-Martin to the patients, staff and visitors of the National Spinal Injuries Centre (NSIC), Buckinghamshire.

Michael* is one of the most important British artists of recent times. As tutor at Goldsmith’s College (1974-1988), he had a major influence on the Young British Artists (YBAs), such as Damien Hirst, Gary Hume and Sarah Lucas.

NSIC arts coordinator Vivienne Gordon says: “We are extremely lucky to have this installation from such an influential artist. There is a lot of evidence linking the therapeutic benefits of art in hospitals, especially for patients like ours who can be with us for months at a time.”

In this exhibition, Alphabet, Michael has produced 26 vibrant screenprints in which everyday objects are placed over the letters of the alphabet. The series is a play on a children’s ABC book. Although seemingly simple at first glance, these works are not a straightforward 'A is for Apple': the connection between the letter and image is rather mysterious and requires a little more thought.

We're so thrilled that we can bring this superb series of artworks to the NSIC. Through partnerships with leading organisations like Hayward Touring, we aim ensure that people who aren’t able to visit national museums and galleries can still get the benefits of the best contemporary art.

*P.S. If you love Michael's work, don't miss his major solo exhibition currently on at Serpentine Gallery in London!