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Interact: The Outside World

Over the last few weeks a new theme has emerged from some of the animations created by the young patients: landscape or the natural world.


Interact: At the Haematology Day Unit

The patients often come here several times a week to get their treatment. It's been great to get to know some of these children and I have had the opportunity to work with a few of them more than once.


Interact: Feedback from the Children’s Ward

Anne Harild’s residency at the paediatric's department at St Mary's Hospital continues to be a hit with our young patients.


Interact: Room to experiment

In the workshops at St. Mary's, I aim to present my ideas and the tools of animation to the children but still leave enough room for them to experiment and explore their own ideas.


Interact: The joy of animation

It's been great working with Paintings in Hospitals on Anne's residency project and seeing the inventive animated work that she is producing with the young patients.


Interact: Lino films

Over the past few weeks we have been experimenting with different materials and shapes we find in the hospital, mainly within the architecture and interior of the building. One of the most dominant materials is linoleum.