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What happened to the 100th print?

Our recent exclusive limited print edition by Ian Davenport sold out in hours. Here, Dr Mary Black tells us the story of the 100th print...


Menier Gallery: the Art of Giving

The Menier Gallery has provided vital support to Paintings in Hospitals for over a decade. Here, Stephen Feather gives us a glimpse into its history...


Every cloud... (A big thank you)

Last month we held the Silver Lining Exhibition & Secret Sale with The Unseen, Victoria Tischler, Koppel Project, and Daily Life Ltd... 


Art Meets Life / Life Meets Art

Works Like People II is a series of site-specific artworks commissioned by us and the Wallace Collection. Here, Lucy Wells tells us why the project is so important to Bromley by Bow Centre.


Works Like People II: Community

Works Like People II is a series of site-specific works commissioned by us in partnership with the Wallace Collection. Here Edwina Mileham takes us through the community programme set up around the project.


Polly's Story: Mental health & memories of Sheridan

Polly Mortimer shares her memories of a young life in mental health care, of Sheridan Russell, and why the charity he founded is so important.