"our patients wander the wards looking at the artworks; nurses use it as a tool for engaging patients. we chose works to help them reminisce."

Siobhan McElroy, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust

Loan schemes

All health and social care sites can borrow from our collection, using one of our four loan schemes. These schemes have been created to meet the needs of different types of patients, service users and settings.

Artworks are lent for two or three years, with an option to renew at the end of the loan period. We fundraise to offer the lowest possible loan fees, so all we ask is a small contribution (approx. £45-£50 per artwork per year) that helps us cover a portion of the costs. The subsidised loan fee covers all aspects of selecting the artwork, security fixings and insurance. Delivery is an additional cost but we always seek to work with art couriers that provide competitive quotes.

Art for Everyone

Any type of health and social care site can borrow through this scheme, getting access to a wide range of media, subject matter and size. Artworks have been selected for their versatility, making the scheme appropriate for a wide range of patients, service users and care environments.

Art for Older People

Health and social care sites can access a range of original artworks carefully selected for display in waiting rooms, corridors and at bedsides. These artworks help to create a more domesticated environment and encourage reflection, reminiscence and relaxation for staff, patients and their families.

Art for Children & Young People

Developed for health and social care sites treating people under the age of 17. This scheme gives access to reassuring and engaging artworks, enabling children and teenagers to cope with uncertainty and isolation, whether they come to a facility as an inpatient or outpatient.

Art for People with Autism

This loan scheme has been specifically developed to support people with autism. Artworks in this scheme have been selected to assist in creating positive environments, based on the principles from our ‘Artworks I Like’ study.

Touring Exhibitions

We collaborate with partner organisations such as the V&A and Hayward Touring to develop touring exhibitions around a particular theme, subject matter or artist. Our touring exhibitions are especially suitable for health and social care sites that have a temporary exhibition space. We are keen to hear from Arts Coordinators or Art Steering Groups who wish to enter into a partnership with us at the early stages of the exhibition development process in order to enhance the impact of the artworks.

To register your interest, please contact our Head of Collection and Programming.